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“Absolutely love Digital Yoga Academy! Kelly is a great teacher and coach and has the ability to present confusing information and terminology in a clear and easy to follow way. The content is really well laid out and sent straight to you so you can work through it in your own time. I have learnt so much and highly recommend Kelly’s courses to anyone wanting to improve their yoga business skills. Thank you Kelly!”

Pia Cumine, Yoga Teacher UK

“Teach Yoga Online built on some of the free training tips Kelly has provided in the Facebook community and went more in depth with a clearly laid out plan to follow. The tips and tools are super practical and easy to work through. The great thing is this course brings all the necessary steps and guidance together in one place, so by following through with the actions of each session you achieve so much and can take action! I can’t wait to launch my online course! Thank you Kelly!”

Sarah McFadden, Yoga Teacher UK

“Kelly’s courses are so easy to follow and understand. She has a great style and way of delivering the info and is always there to be supportive and answer questions. I have learnt so much and look forward to launching my online classes in a few months. Highly recommended!”

Adele Smyth, Yoga Teacher UK

“Kelly’s amazing. I feel inspired, uplifted and ready for action!”

Yolanda, Yoga Teacher UK

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Hi! I’m Kelly…

Yoga business entrepreneur, yoga teacher and digital marketing expert! I’m passionate about helping you learn essential business & marketing skills so that you can share your unique message, grow your community and build a successful yoga business! Find out how you can work with Kelly.

Find out how you can work with Kelly.

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